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Essential business documents delivered via email - MailPrimer MailPost

From paper to paperless communication - MailPrimer MailPost assists businesses to transition their important mail documents like contracts, statements, invoices and payslips to be delivered via email. Our email engine provides world class 99.9%* measured deliverability with full tracking and reporting. We provide important delivery confirmation, and our clicked link and view analytics provides measured cross-sell and up-sell marketing opportunities within those documents.

Significant benefits of email delivery include:

  • Increasing consumer acceptance and up to 60% cost savings**
  • Immediate delivery once sent, resulting in faster payments and improved cashflow
  • Flexible electronic document storage options for clients
  • Flexible integration with CRM and ERP systems for senders
  • Environmentally friendly and sustainable
* Based on recent 400k data sample - excludes hard bounces (invalid addresses)
** Based on NZ Post financial case data


Branded email signatures driving measured marketing - MailPrimer 1-2-1

Every time you send a business email, thats another marketing moment on your most popular communication platform. MailPrimer 1-2-1 can transform every company email into a promotional messaging machine with consistent branding and tracked links back to web pages.

Best of all, our automated reporting tracks email delivery, templates used and links clicked (by user). These metrics provide key measurements for marketing investment returns and customer viewing habits. 

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Providing solutions and partnering with the following businesses
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  • AKL Chamber of Commerce
  • Partner - Genesis Energy
  • Auckland City
  • AJ Park